Karabelo Selebogo

Author, Transformation coach, Trainer and Consultant
To Greater Success Coaching

[Session 1]
10.00 am - 12.30 pm

Personal Information

Karabelo Selebogo has a diverse background, with experience in chemical engineering, management consulting, investment analysis, IT business analysis, change management and regulatory oversight — spanning across the energy, telecom, and financial services sectors. She has an MBA from De MontFort University, a coaching certificate from Consciousness Coaching (S.A) and is also an internationally certified trainer.

Karabelo has worked with many companies (and individuals) on developing working strategies that focused on people, processes, systems, and technology, engaging with individuals from executive to internship level. From these experiences, she earned a well-rounded view of people and business needs. She does not believe in overnight success, but in the fact that we are all moving from one success to a greater one, one action or step at a time…this is how you transform individuals, businesses and nations.

Focusing on creating life-changing results for her clients, Karabelo has changed many lives and helped individuals attract positive outcomes. Her book Corporate Explosion aims to inspire individuals beyond the normal limitations – politics, glass ceilings etc. No one will be able to stop the individuals as they cause ‘explosions’, and no corporate will remain the same.