Inga Sebata

Commutation's Professional
Owner of StitchedByInga and Co-Founder of Mopegi Transport
Founder and CEO:
Co-Founder :
Mopegi Transport

Business Strategist and Life Coach

[Session 1]
10.00 pm - 12.30 pm

Personal Information

Inga Sebata, founder and owner of a clothing line, StitchedByInga is a daughter, wife, mother, friend, a woman living a life filled with purpose and an incredible amount of joy and contentment. She has been married for eight years and has two boys, 3 and 2 years old that embodies the love she shares with her husband. Her passions are predominantly around relationships, fashion, societal issues (socio-economic issues). The career woman side of Inga includes her role as an Senior Account Director at one of South Africa’s top five PR agencies. With almost 10 years’ experience in PR, Inga has carved out a niche for herself especially within the realm of media relations, having established strong contacts in various sectors. Inga has an ongoing interest in societal issues that affect people in different communities and as part of this, in 2015 initiated a collection drive for high school learners at JC Motumi Secondary School in Ondendaalsrus, Free State. Items given to students included tinned food and toiletries with a special focus on supplying sanitary items for young female learners, in order to ensure that they stay in school during that time of the month, and can fully focus on their education. Inga Sebata is the kind of woman and individual that one can relate to, learn from and share life’s moments with. She will not sugar coat anything but she will speak the truth with a deep sense of compassion and understanding. Outside the areas of work, being a loving wife and mother, Inga does enjoy reading, baking and shopping.