Sanele Stole

Professional and Entrepreneur
CEO and Founder :
Priscott’s Investments
Founder :
Xylotech Management Consulting

[Session 2]
13.30 am - 17.00 pm

Sanele is a professional who has worked across various industries including Banking, Oil & Gas, Mining & Telecoms. She comes with solid experience in the areas of strategy (Business & IT), Project Programme Management, Risk & Compliance. She has successfully partnered with top corporate and private clients to deliver alignment in the manner that IT enables business to optimise cost saving and efficiency in their businesses. She is passionate about the potential that can be achieved through alignment of organisational strategy to business needs, and ensuring that those are clearly articulated, understood and delivered by IT for a targeted change and value to the organisation. Services offered to organisations through Xylotech Management Consulting include Strategy Review & Road mapping to determine case for change, Concept development for the designed end state, project/programme delivery and or advisory services, including providing necessary key resources/competencies to capacitate successful delivery. Sanele is also co-founder and CEO of Priscotts Investments, an umbrella company providing varied services in different industries and include: Graphic Design, Photography, Media & Video Production, Maintenance & Repair Services, Schoolb Transport Services, property Investments, bottled water and ice, plus a growing clothing brand she has labelled “J. Ambition”.