Busi Selesho

International Accredited Money Coach,
CEO at Isipho Sempilo HSE Solutions and Top 100 Most Influential Young Person 2017
061 221 5867

[Session 1]
10.00 pm - 12.30 pm
Theme: Healing Your Money Story

Personal Information

Busi Selesho is an Internationally Accredited Money Coach, Money Consciousness Teacher and Speaker, empowering individuals to have a better relationship with money, how to get out of the debt cycles and enjoy financial wellness and abundance. She is listed as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Young South Africans in 2017 by Avance Media.

She is the Author of Money and Black People: Why black people don’t have money, and how to heal your money story. She teaches her clients how to tap into their skills sets, how to use their unused skills to make money, to take care of themselves and to impact others’ lives. She teaches her clients about the energy of money, how to connect with money on an emotional level, clear money blocks and allow money to flow in their lives, how to get unstuck and achieve the things they want in life.

She runs a Coaching Firm called ODEL Coaching that helps business and organization take care of their most valuable asset, their people, through money coaching, emotional intelligence, career change, financial wellness and emotional wellness.