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Winning with Social Media!

“We don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well do we do it”
Inspire The Next Movement in partnership with BMF is bringing to professionals from across the board, experts in “How To Utilise Social Media To Your Advantage”. We are also bring mentors from different industries, who will share empowering knowledge on how to overcome professional registration challenges and guidance on how graduates/candidates can get their professional registration in the minimum require experience period. This event serves as a platform for successful self made influencers to share secrets on how social media can enhance, enrich and optimise all industries professionals’ careers and personal lives.
With the fourth industrial revolution coming hard and fast universally professionals to longer have the luxury to ignore the benefits of social media. At the rate things are going, office may just as well be replace by online offices

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Running Your Small Enterprise(Spaza Shop) Like A Big Entity

The notion that we small business owners have to wear different hats can be detrimental to us and our businesses. I always wondered if the concept of working ON your business was real and feasible, given the resource constraints at a start-up phase. Given my Damascus moment and my experience, I can say, it is possible. Resources at the start-up phase are not the issue.

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Personal Journey: Stanley Thapelo Gabriel… @stanleygabriel’s #career journey, incl his time in Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa, an #entrepreneurial venture & two #sabbaticals. We cover what drives Stan, his transitions & #growth, and 5 lessons he’s distilled so far. #Leadership #inspires #life #career

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Introducing “Inspire The Next Movement” future events!

To support our subscribers to discover their authentic self and unleash their unlimited potential, we have seven activation event planned till the end of year 2020. The seven events are as listed below:

Volume 1: “ Full day brain spa on the different disciplines in Coaching and live coaching at launch”

Volume 2: “Full day brain spa for discovering yourself, your passion and purpose”

Volume 3: “Full day brain spa on how to choose the perfect Mentor and Coach”

Volume 4: “Full day brain spa on how to unlock your full potential”

Volume 5: “Full day brain spa on how to communicate effectively and building your confidence”

Volume 6: “Full day brain spa on how to create marketing material e.g. Flyer, Brochure and Proposal”

Volume 7: “Full day brain spa on how to write an impactful motivation, nominations and Biography”

Parallel to attending these empowering workshops, we also encourage our aspiring entrepreneurs to read The Startup Recipe by Sandile Shabangu.

In the Book, Sandile Shabangu discusses modern techniques and tools to help young people launch successful startups drawing from global trends. The book also includes The Startup Mzansi Blueprint which discusses key challenges and possibilities for building a globally competitive startup ecosystem in South Africa.
“Instead of trying to change the world through revolution, we can change the world through innovation”.

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Mind Retirement (intro)

So Puseletso turned 40 years old. She then decides to introspect, on a lot of her life. Lessons learnt and the like. She shares the outcome with us. We are honoured to be such guests, right? She starts of by telling us that the title Mind Retirement is about Peace Of Mind and heart. Okay, I want to cry, I’m so happy.

She quotes a lot from the bible so as to guide us to the simplicity that is found therein, it seems these led her to setting healthy boundries for herself and those she encounters. Part 1 of Mind Retirement is 40 nuggets she chews on. I feel arm inside just remembering this.

Let me let you in a bit.

Nugget 7 – Never allow the shame of what people will say control your life. Agreed

Nugget 20 – Always be open to receive. Agreed

Nugget 18 – Have a prosperity mindset. I wish she would have explained it more

Nugget 29 – Stop resisting change. Can you say Wow?!

Just after reading the book:

Very simple, clear and light read, that you could finish in a few hows, if all you wanted to do was read, and that’s it. If you intended to read for learning, take your time and apply the nuggets you read daily, I’m that type of learner.

It seems this book was written to be used as a DO-Daily book, as it has a lot of nuggets that have you thinking and changing your ways, if you want to. A few examples:

“Confront the most uncomfortable situations to gain closure and healing” – How often do you have such to face per day?

“Never allow the shame of what people will say, control your life” – A freedom I have lead my life by

Why should you read this book? Light read with a lot of weight.

Delayed reaction: I have to read this again. I enjoyed how she quoted bible scriptures while revealing their simplicity.

Read and reviewed by Khethiwe “Makhethi” Phakathi I Confidence Coach & Speaker

P.S. Reviwed these books before reading them on my YouTube CHannel Makhethi Speaks Life. Go check it out, you may still stand a chance to win 1.

6 book give away watch

By Puseletso Modimogale

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Plastic Man

Okay, so the audio version is the author herself reading to us in her raspy voice, which sure grabs my attention as the opening chapter is about us hearing of her life as a child. The traumatic way in which love was displayed to her. Nomasonto introduces how she, together with us end up living as the Plastic man, as our fake selves. It may be to protect or just across the thin line, to hide ourselves. Ouch.

The book is a personal story that gives public lessons on how one should learn to open up to themselves. She is one of those ladies who struggled to let real love flourish as it came packaged all wrong, hahahah. You know what I mean. She met him when he was “broke” in most eyes. He just wasn’t her “type”. Yet, this is the man who had her facing just who she is, doesn’t want to be and who she really is. Yes, no typo there. read Platic Man.

What i did find humor in, which I doubt you will; Is how The List (Which she has a whole chapter on, hahah) of qualities that a man should have was what she actually wanted from herself and hadn’t given to herself. With This book, I have changed my participation and view of myself in many relationships, clients, parents and even strangers. I will confess, this is not easy, yet witnessing my weekly development makes it all worth it. I am all the better for it.

Example of a harsh lesson about myself from Plastic man: I am a defensive person, in thought, speech and action. Defense means I attack. Mind you, this comes from someone who would constantly tell people to stop being defensive. It is true what we coaches say; awareness is empowering.

Just after reading the book:

My Immediate reaction to this book was gratitude for having someone share themselves in this way. The author talks us through her life with regards to discovering love. “Who you are looking for, is also looking for you” as she puts it. Her main lesson, that she discovered along her journey is that she has always been the love she was looking for, because God dwells within her. She walks us through the importance of knowing how to love and accept love.

She has you asking yourself necessary questions that may cause some discomfort, for example; What are your belief around love? Your beliefs may just be causing you to live in a way that repels or daws love to you. She is a firm believer in “learning yourself through observing your partner”

Why should you read this book? She speaks about Criticism syndrome. Wow!

Delayed reaction: Lessons that I still practice a few weeks after reading the book, I am more aware of my emotions. That’s funny from someone who was already a fan of feeling fully and not ducking any emotions.

By Nomasonto Portia Zwane

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You are a “GangSTAR” in your Own Unique way!

YOU had a purpose before ANYONE had an opinion.

You are a GangSTAR in your Own Unique way.
Let’s activate your purpose so that #InspireTheNext can be a chain reaction.

The #InspireTheNext! Team is collaboration between Black Female Lucky Leaders in Coaching who are transforming South Africa by inspiring and achieving radical positive change in people’s lives.

We want to increase your chances of being Lucky. Luck as defined by #InspireTheNext movement is that moment when preparation meets an opportunity. As such “in advance” we want you to be conscious of the fact that “the harder one works the luckier they become.

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Why Tumisang (Lebo Gabriel) Maphumulo is passionate about “Inspire The Next Movement “

I am a registered electrical engineer (Pr Eng) by profession and founder of Inspire The Next Movement. In the past decade I have successfully practiced the #InspireTheNext Movement with regards to helping engineering professionals to overcome their fears with regards to professional registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Since 2016, I have applied this same approach to encourage engineering professionals to own their area of specialization by writing technical papers for engineering conferences. I am now growing my reach to beyond engineering, my target audience is all ages men and women. I want to help all men, women particularly all gender youth to discover their authentic selves by giving them access to the tools, support and guidance they need to identify their passions and purpose. We are all GangSTAR we just need some mentoring and coaching to unlock our unlimited potential.

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“Inspire the Next” passes the baton

The dawn of democracy in South Africa 25 years ago signified not only the ability for South Africans to be directly involved with creating laws or electing representatives who create laws on their behalf, but it signified the importance of power sharing and equality regardless of creed, age or gender.
This is the very fight the women of 1956 fought for when they marched to the Union Buildings, they fought for liberty, empowerment and most importantly equality. The march paved a way for the coming generation and this is what “Inspire the Next” seeks to achieve.
Inspire the Next is an initiative founded by Ms Lebo Maphumulo, a Corporate Specialist for the Line Engineering Services department within Eskom’s Group Technology Division and graduate with a Bsc in Engineering for Univeristy Tecknologi Petronas and Msc in Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand. The movement seeks to inspire and encourage men and women of all ages to focus on entrepreneurship with the intent of eradicating poverty and improving our disadvantaged communities through empowerment. Through the initiative all ages men and women are provided with tools, support and guidance to help them identify their passions and purpose then mentoring and coaching them towards unleashing their unlimited potential.
The movement will officially be launched on Saturday, 31 August 2019 at the ULP House in Midrand, Johannesburg. The programme boasts an impressive line-up of speakers, including coaches in the money, personal, professional, management, financial, behavioural, spiritual and social spectrums.
With the unemployment rate reported to be at 27.9% in the first quarter of 2019, initiatives such as this one, which seek to guide individual and transform South Africa by inspiring and achieving radical positive change in people’s lives are much needed.
Whether we realise it or not, we are all guardians of our lives and guardians of helping others at the same time. We are called to run our race, keep the professional momentum ablaze, and pass the baton of knowledge, truth, encouragement and necessary tools to the next generation.