Our Mission and Vision

Inspire The Next Movement’s goal is to inspire and encourage South Africans to focus on entrepreneurship with the intent of eradicating poverty and improving our disadvantaged communities through empowerment. Our vision is to achieve radical positive change in South Africans lives by connecting dream achievers with dream chasers.

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Welcome to the not to be missed Inspirational Event of 2020

The Inspire The Next movement is aimed at improving our country by inspiring and achieving radical positive change in people’s lives.

This is achieved by addressing the issues and challenges around South Africans feeling demotivated and restless due the drastic drop in jobs opportunities. The Inspire The Next movement is aimed at inspiring and encouraging South Africans to focus on entrepreneurship thus creating jobs instead of waiting for government to create jobs. Giving them access to coaches, mentors, tools, events, support and guidance that sees them identifying their passions and purpose then executing their God given talents to improve our disadvantaged communities.

Funds raised will be used to launch future Inspire The Next movements empowering events which will ensure that everyone who joins the movement unleashes their unlimited potential with the intent of reducing poverty and improve disadvantaged communities through empowerment. This Movement and associated events serve as an opportunity for exposure to leading Coaches and Mentors that arm Africans with skills and tools they need to define their vision. Visionaries and creative individuals is what our country needs in these challenging times.

Coaches & Speakers
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What We Offer

Hear inspiring and empowering talks from industry leaders, learn and network over three development paths, personal development, career development and business development!

Personal Development

Break Self Limiting Beliefs, then Reprogramming Your Mind and Build your Confidence for Success. Aligning and Integrating your Spiritual Life to you Everyday Reality.

Career Development

We offer workshops that assist with enhancing The Brand Called You, bring clarity to Knowing You, Knowing Your Why and then Healing Your Money Story with the goal of attaining financial freedom.

Business Development

Gain the skills, inspiration and confidence to start your own business through a session facilitated by Sandile Shabangu (StartupGuy), founder CEO of Startup Mzansi.
Advisory Board
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Who's behind Inspire The Next Movement?

Inspire The Next Movement comprises of black female Mentors who are passionate about inspiring a positive radical change in society.